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Your trusted partner on the journey to homeownership. Experience personalized service and seamless mortgage solutions with Lending Spot.

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Your trusted partner on the journey to homeownership. Experience personalized service and seamless mortgage solutions with Lending Spot.

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mercedes trujillo
mercedes trujillo
This journey began a year ago and we finally made it happen, I had a great team who held my hand thru the whole process. I am eternally grateful with Maricel Santiesteban and Elena Reyes who demonstrated professionalism and gave us peace of mind through the whole process, I would definetly recommend her so you to can make your home buying dream come true. I am sorry that I did not realize my review but there are not enough stars for this one
Eric Katz
Eric Katz
Xavier has done both of my mortgages. Has been great both times and gotten the job done
Frank Castillo
Frank Castillo
Diego & his team did an outstanding job. Not only they did they provide excellent service & advice, but they were able to get the loan approved & close in less than 1 month. And if that wasn’t enough, they helped me obtain insurance quotes at a lower cost than I was able to. Having bought 5 homes before, this was by far my best mortgage financing experience by far.
Mahdi Mortazavi
Mahdi Mortazavi
My previous Lender wasted my time and money for 2 months and couldn't close the transaction...Dany and his team took over the deal and in less than a month they closed it for me. The biggest lesson i learned in my transaction was between all parties involved in a real estate transaction the top and most important party is the Lender and if they let you down it doesn't matter how great other parties played their rold you would not close the deal. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Daniel and Melissa
Yadira Garcia
Yadira Garcia
It was great pleasure working with Peter Rivero . He gave me all the information i needed, help me get the best interest. Very timely and professional.
Christine Berdion
Christine Berdion
Working with Jamie Hinman was a complete pleasure, the whole staff was impeccable and always on point. I would highly recommend American Portfolio Mortgage Corp. outstanding company.
Rosalie Clement-Jackson is the quintessential professional. Not only is she knowledgeable and business-minded, but she is also empathetic and helpful, understanding how intimidating and overwhelming the homebuying process could be at times, while teaching us about the process along the way. She kept us well-informed and was always available to answer our every question and concern. That really went a long way for us, as we felt seen and heard and not just viewed as a loan number or transaction. In our opinion, Rosalie was the MVP of our homebuying process and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to all of our friends and family.

Pre-Approval Disclosure

Pre-approval is based on an initial review of credit information provided to Lending Spot, and it has not undergone full underwriting scrutiny. Any submitted documentation is voluntary and considered for initial assessment purposes only.

Conditions for Final Loan Approval:

  1. Full Underwriting Review: Final loan approval is contingent upon a comprehensive underwriting review of all supporting documentation.

  2. Creditworthiness: The applicant’s creditworthiness will be evaluated, including credit history, credit scores, and payment behavior.

  3. Asset Verification: Verification of assets, such as bank statements and investment accounts, may be required.

  4. Income Verification: Documentation of income sources and stability will be assessed.

  5. Property Appraisal: A satisfactory property appraisal confirming the property’s value will be necessary.

  6. Liabilities Assessment: Existing debts and obligations will be considered in the underwriting process.

  7. Compliance with Program Guidelines: The loan must meet all program guidelines and criteria set forth by Lending Spot and regulatory authorities.


  • Pre-approval does not guarantee final loan approval.

  • Any changes in your financial situation or credit status may affect your eligibility for a mortgage.

  • Lending Spot reserves the right to request additional documentation or information during the underwriting process.

  • Additional conditions or requirements may apply based on the specific loan program and applicant circumstances.

By accepting pre-approval, you acknowledge and understand that these terms are subject to change based on the results of the full underwriting review. Furthermore, Lending Spot retains the right to modify or withdraw the pre-approval offer at any time until a final loan commitment is issued.

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